KorrAI’s revolutionary satellite-based AI solution provides new insights for mining exploration companies. By leveraging new technologies to synthesize multiple data-sets, KorrAI is able to build a model that can be re-trained to iteratively refine the
quality of targets.

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Data-driven Decision Making:

By providing real-time insights and predictive analytics, KorrAi technology enables mining companies to make  data-driven decisions.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

KorrAi is designed to work seamlessly by combining data with AI and machine learning to continuously and iteratively find targets for ground teams. The technology is designed to reduce cost while increasing accuracy.

Next Generation:

Traditional airborne surveys are expensive and only provide a single source of information. KorrAI combines satellite data with drone base data, existing regional trends, and geological and geophysical data to build a comprehensive model.

Satellite Data including
spectral, geophysical,
geological, and textural data.
Initial   targeting   data.
Leverage high-resolution
surveys to further refine
target areas.
AI & Machine learning models to structure and re-integrate high-resolution data with field data to continuously refine targets.